Building a Web Presence
Getting your business on the web has many advantages. More consumers begin their search for products and services on the web than ever before. The number of products purchased through E-commerce websites increases every year. Consumers see professional email addresses (e.g. as evidence of a reputable company.

It is easy to move your business onto the web with the right help. There are four basic steps:
  1. Register a domain name (e.g. that suits your business for a yearly fee.
  2. Decide what type of website your business needs.
  1. Hire a website designer who will get to know your goals and design a website that is easy to navigate and fits your business and customers
  2. Sign-up with a web host who posts your website on line for a monthly fee

How do we help?
D-day Productions specializes in building web presences for small and start-up businesses.

D-day Productions: